I like drawing and playing around with shapes.
Here are some of my previous 2D works.

A set of avatars for my capstone teammates

Our client is a resort that sits in an area of beautiful woods. Our team's name thus is Woodlanders.
In the avatars, we each represents a season(except for me), with woods and mountains, and our spirit animal/pet.

Concept digital drawings

I illustrated concepts for client Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Icon design

Vector-based icons for Aoaola



Mixed media on paper 24 in x 18 in

Inspired by one of my dreams and a set of photography portraits shot by my friend.

Stay gold

Digital; software: SAI


Acrylic painting on bristol 18 in x 24 in

Each of the colorful strips carries a tone that echoes with that of the gray ones.


Acrylic painting on bristol 18 in x 24 in

This painting explores how the same color can be seen differently with different field ground colors, also how to use colors to illustrate transparency.

Solar terms collective cards

This is a set of typography collective cards that got inspired by East Asia solar terms.

On each of the card, there are the type, the solar term, time of the year, the plant that grows during the time whose shape corresponds to a trait of the type.
The red line on the card is a design that makes the card collect-worthy. The card surface is divided into 12 pieces horizontally, and the red line represents where the direct point of sun is at on the North Earth.

Green, pink, orange, blue represent spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Branding for Kensuke Komikado, a fictional character from a popular Japanese drama

Self portrait 1

Charcoal on paper 18 in x 24 in

Self portrait 2

Charcoal on paper 18 in x 24 in

Hand and crane

Mixed media on paper 9 in x 12 in

In this drawing, I was trying to explore how to illustrate flowing air with lines, and mist with blending technique.

The foreground was drawn using ink and brush; the background was created using pastel and pencil.


Watercolor 15 in x 11 in


Watercolor 15 in x 11 in